Center for Psychology & Neuropsychology

Thank you for visiting the Center for Psychology and Neuropsychology website. We provide a broad range of treatment and assessment services to benefit our clients. We provide the following types of therapeutic services: child play therapy, individual therapy with teens and adults, as well as couples and/ or family therapy. We provide psychotherapy for those experiencing the following: ADD/ ADHD, stress related conditions, school and work problems, child and adult trauma, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, bereavement and relationship problems.

We provide assessment services for those experiencing the following:
Cognitive problems including attention and memory, Learning Disability, Gifted placement, and adjustment issues following physical injury.

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Forensic evaluations include plaintiff or defense requested psychological or neuropsychological Independent Medical Examinations (IME), Fitness for Duty, Disability Evaluations and criminal evaluations. Specialty areas include head injury (mild traumatic brain injury to severe traumatic brain injury), assessment of other neurological injuries such as toxic exposure, anoxia, traumatic injuries, adjustment to major medical illness, PTSD, chronic pain, and ADHD.