Forensic Evaluations

Delray Forensic Psychologist Forensic psychology is the application of psychological knowledge and principles to legal matters. Simply, it is the intersection of mental health and the law. Forensic psychologists use various methods such as forensic interviewing and standardized psychological tests to help courts, judges, and attorneys answer important legal questions. Psychologists are the only mental health professionals specifically trained in the use of psychological tests. These tests are one scientific tool that forensic psychologists use to measure any given characteristic in an objective and standardized way. For example, psychologists can use tests to quantify an individual’s intellectual abilities and/or personality traits. Forensic psychologists commonly work in criminal, civil, and family courts.

Forensic evaluations include plaintiff or defense requested psychological or neuropsychological Independent Medical Examinations (IME), Fitness for Duty, Disability Evaluations and criminal evaluations. Specialty areas include head injury (mild traumatic brain injury to severe traumatic brain injury), assessment of other neurological injuries such as toxic exposure, anoxia, traumatic injuries, adjustment to major medical illness, PTSD, chronic pain, and ADHD. Center for Psychology was specifically created to offer a full range of psychological, neuropsychological and forensic services to the medical and legal community.